Mr. Veerawat Korphaibool

Mr. Veerawat Korphaibool

Mr. Veerawat Korphaibool
Independent Director and
Audit Committee Director


Shareholding (%) (As of September 30, 2021)


M.A., Business Administration, University 
of New Haven, U.S.A
Training : IOD
- Director Accreditation Program, class 13/2004
- Director Certification Program, class 151/2011
- Financial Statements for Directors, class 14/2011

Work Experiences in Late 5 Years
2016 - Present Independent Director,
Audit Committee member, 
Nomination and Remuneration Committee member,
Corporate Governance Committee member
Thai Steel Cable PCLManufacturer of control cable for automobile/motorcycle and car window
2000 - September 2017 
2013 - July 2017
2013 - 2014
Vice Chairman of BOD
Vice President Marketing
Thai Storage Battery PCL.Manufacturer and distributor of batteries.
2003 - July 2017
2010 - 2014
2015 - September 2017
October 2017- January 2018
Senior Vice President,
Chief Executive Officer,
Co-Chief Executive Officer
3K Products Co., Ltd.Dealer of battery for vehicles, golf cart, motorcycle and lighting.
2000 - July 2017 DirectorThai Nonferrous 
Metal Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of lead melting.
2008 - July 2017 Director3K Traction Battery Co., Ltd.Manufacturer and distributor of metal. Sell and provide rentals and maintenance service of battery repair.
2010 - July 2017 DirectorPower Plas Co., Ltd.Manufacturer and distributor of all types of plastic.
2016 - 2020 Director, Faculty of Business 
and Accounting Type of Expert
Khon Kaen UniversityEducational Institution
July 2018 - PresentDirectorFree Trade Zone Logistics Co.,Ltd.Transportation and warehousing for rent.

Record of Offense

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