Mr. Thaveechat Jurangkool
  • Chief Executive Officer   
The core principle that I believe in doing business is the strategy of adjusting plan, pay attention to all details and look into every aspect in all dimension to produce quality product that has long been trusted by our customers. And another important thing is the development of human resources. The more knowledge and skills create the better working efficiency and happier work place. These two principles are the keys to sustain the long team growth of the organization.

Mr. Sarit Patanatmarueng
  • Managing Director
Going forward, we will exert even greater efforts in order to ensure that the company maintains its vision of being the world class automotive control cable manufacturer.
Ms. Sirina Patanatmarueng
  • Senior General Manager Business Administration Division and Procurement Division
TSC is not just profit-oriented company. We do hope to help create security in life of our people and encourage that they are decent and qualified member of society. Therefore, Thai Steel Cable will be recognized as value organization and engaged in Thailand's advancement.
Ms. Patra Chaiyosburana
  • Senior General Manager Business Operation Division 
“Customer satisfaction” is our priority to ensure that our product and service are highly respected by customers internationally. TSC team is inspired and committed to work together to achieve company vision to be the world class automotive part manufacturer.
Mr. Hajime Kato  
  • General Manager Research and Development Division
 “To exceed customer expectation“, We don’t try to do our best, BUT try to PERFECT. We provide reassurance and satisfaction to our customer by robust design and technology.

Mrs. Kasita Pitaksongkram

  • General Manager Business Administration Division

We attach importance to human resource development, cooperating with business alliances to develop all aspects of work, and develop management systems with modern technology. To improve operational efficiency and create mutual success.


Mr. Somkiat Kohten

  • General Manager Quality Division

We committed to provide high quality products with the international standards and to provide value to our customers as well as establishing and maintaining our standard 
to be the world class automotive part manufacturer.

Mr. Watcharin Sayamrattanakit
  • General Manager Production Division
We focus to enhance resource capability to drive Safety, Quality and Productivity in our product and process to be the World Class Manufacturing.
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